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Do Languages Have Religion?

Our spoken tongues often transcend religious belief systems. Nowhere is that more visible than in India.

As Taliban Marches Into Kabul, a Geopolitical Jostle Begins

As the US walks away from Afghanistan, allowing the Taliban to take charge, regional powers are scrambling to get a hang of new political realities.

In Afghanistan, the US Again Gets To Choose How It Stops Fighting

For much of the country’s history, Americans won their wars decisively, with the complete surrender of enemy forces and the home front’s perception of total victory.

How the Dibang Swallowed Two Villages in Arunachal Pradesh

Climate change and deforestation are pushing the Dibang River to spread, unleashing a humanitarian and ecological crisis

As Shadow of Taliban Rule Looms Over Afghanistan, Sikhs Stare at Uncertainty

Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan have long lived under the pale of insecurity. But now, with the prospect of Taliban taking full control over the country once again, many want to flee.

A Blood-Stained Nation, and the Quest for a New Future

The 1 February military coup has, once again, spilled blood on the streets of Myanmar. But, calls for a new future ring loud from those very same streets.

Why the United States Should Avoid a ‘Maximum Pressure’ Policy on Iran

Cornering Iran over the nuclear deal and its strategic partnership with China could be counterproductive for the Biden administration.

Beyond Borders and ‘National Interests’: Listening to Stories That Unite

Shared affinities and aspirations transcend political borders. These should be leveraged to foster what may be called "People's International Relations".

India’s Education System Is Rigged Against the Poor

Despite much talk about 'inclusive education' and affirmative policies, India's education system continues to stamp out the socially and economically disadvantaged.

Once Common, Resignations of Leaders Over Failures Are Non-Existent in Today’s India

In democracies, holding public offices and accountability must go hand-in-hand. While that was the case in India once upon a time, that's not what we see today.