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Global Compact for Migration: What Is It and Why Are Countries Opposing It?

Not everyone wants to come on board the non-binding UN Global Compact on Migration, which is being signed by countries on 10-11 December in Marrakesh, Morocco.

The Left Must Stop Feeding into the Right’s Politics

By continuing to hold the nation-state sacrosanct, the contemporary Left is only strengthening the divisive, exclusionary politics of the right-wing.

Why Does the Latin American Migrant ‘Caravan’ Exist?

A migrant caravan of almost 7,000 people who left Guatemala and Honduras is heading north towards the United States. The reasons they are leaving are complex but involve a U.S.-backed violent history.

How the 1947 Sylhet Partition Led to Assam’s Politics of the Foreigner

Till the division, there were more Bengali speakers in Assam than Assamese speakers.

Spectre of Statelessness Looms Over Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants in Assam

The government of the northeast Indian state of Assam appears poised to strip millions of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants of all constitutional rights and even render them stateless.