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Hindutva Neoliberalism: When Crony Capitalism Meets Ethnic Nationalism

The Modi government in India is perfecting a specific variant of neoliberalism that marries an ethno-majoritarian state with a corporate-dominated capitalist order.

Feminisms, Not Feminism: Towards a Pluralistic Movement for Gender Equality

The longstanding movement for gender equality has always had many socio-political strands. Without recognising them, feminism cannot truly flourish.

Democracy: A Scientific Perspective

Natures loves entropy (disorder). Democratic systems go against that to reduce entropy and bring stability to otherwise disordered social orders.

Beyond Hanging and Lynching: Why India Needs to Move Towards Restorative Justice

Like always, many, including progressives, have demanded the capital punishment and even mob lynching for the Hathras gangrape-and-murder case accused. But harsh punishments don't deter crime.

Shashi Tharoor and the Politics of Postcolonial Disavowal

Despite his seemingly liberal virtues and anti-colonial positions, the Indian politician and public figure is firmly rooted in a politics of elitism, denial and immorality.

NATO, Quad, D-10: Say Hello To the Neo-Imperialist Troika

Imperialism never died. Powerful Western organisations like the NATO continue to propound it in full measure through new geopolitical formations.

Periyar, a Progressive Iconoclast Like No Other

The founder of the Dravidian Movement left behind a critical legacy of social and political emancipation that today's progressives have much to learn from.

In Defence of Utopias

The multi-dimensional crisis that the Coronavirus pandemic has spurred reaffirms the importance of utopias as a tool for progressive social change.