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#BlackLivesMatter: What the French Revolution Tells Us About Destruction of Statues

Do acts of desecration convey violence alone or can they be seen as calculated political statements?

Canada Needs to Reckon With the Relics of Its Colonial Past, Including Racist Statues

Canada needs to deal with its deeply racist colonial history upfront, and removing statues is only a part of that process.

India’s Initial Coronavirus Response Carried Echoes of the Colonial Era

India's colonial past holds stark lessons, or anti-lessons, in pandemic management for the current government.

Memories and Apologies: One Hundred Years of Jallianwala Bagh

Recently, British Prime Minister Theresa May expressed regret at the brutal massacre of peacefully protesting Indians at the hands of British soldiers. But, is that enough?

Can Caribbean Cricket Get Its (Political) Groove Back?

Once a site for anti-colonial resistance and consolidation of a West Indian identity, contemporary Caribbean cricket is devoid of such political connotations.

The White Man’s Boredom

Governing empire was deadening to its administrators, and lethal to its victims.