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Pakistan Has a Love-Hate Relationship With Buddhism, and Its Flaring up Again

The Pakistani state has used Buddhism to not just consolidate its own national identity as opposed to India's, but also to build bridges with Southeast Asian nations. At the same time, Buddhist heritage in the country continues face ruin and vandalism.

How Successive Governments, from Congress to BJP, Ruined India’s Agrarian Economy

The massive farmers' protest that is currently underway in India is only a climactic manifestation of years of decay brought about by greater corporatisation of Indian agriculture.

Online Gig Workers, Lifesavers During COVID-19 Pandemic in India, Have Precarious Lives

Online 'freelance' workers, such as those working with app-based services, kept Indian cities going during the harsh COVID-19 lockdown. But they remain vulnerable to exploitation and uncertainty.

How the Colonial State Imposed and Sustained a Capitalist System in Southeast Cameroon

Capitalism forms a pivotal chapter in the story of colonisation of Maka-ian society in Southeastern Cameroon

The Hindutva Thesis on Migration, and How To Challenge It Beyond the Logic of...

The Hindutva project aims to distill 'refugees' from so-called 'infiltrators' through the CAA 2019 and NRC. The resistance to that must transcend narrow parameters of belongingness.

Good Hindu, Bad Hindu: Behind the False Binary That Defined Postcolonial India

A liberal Hindu is often believed to be the antithesis of an orthodox Hindu. But when it comes to fighting the caste system and resisting Hinduism, both are the same.

Brokeback Republic? Abdullah Anzorov, Claude Sinké, and Police Violence in ‘Secular’ France

France has a long history of anti-minority police violence and cover-ups. The police response to the recent beheading of a schoolteacher in a Parisian suburb raises some critical questions in this regard.

How Social Media Created a Democratic Public Sphere During the COVID-19 Crisis in India

India's migrant worker crisis during the lockdown brought misery to thousands. But it also showed what social media is capable of - building inclusive networks of solidarity at a time when the State fails to act.

Not Just Agriculture, the Farmers’ Protests in India Are Also About a Weakening Federal...

The NDA government's new agriculture laws are yet another stride towards greater centralisation of power at the union level.

India’s NEP 2020 Reaffirms the Importance of Early Child Care Through Anganwadis

The Anganwadi system has been the bedrock of India's early child care system. The new National Education Policy encourages an expansion of this regime.