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Why #BlackLivesMatter Is Relevant to India: Similar Culture of Police Violence

The murder of George Floyd reaffirmed a deep-seated culture of police violence in the US. In India, the problem is as ubiquitous.

China Moves to Enact a New ‘National Security Law’ to Tame Hong Kong

The recently-passed draft 'national security' law will soon become Beijing's go-to instrument to crush dissent in the semi-autonomous city.

Groundless Optimism, Propaganda and Hopelessness: Modi’s India is a Bleak Place

Prime Minister Narendra Modi represents the great contradiction of Hindutva politics. He promises hope and 'good days', but peddles falsehoods and hubris.

The Givers of India

Attacks on students, riots, pandemic – citizens and civil society groups in Delhi have shown extraordinary solidarity in the face of continuous social and political upheaval.

A Strategy for Post-Coronavirus Political Mobilisation

As right-wing leaders move to strengthen their grip during the COVID-19 pandemic, the governed people of the world must push back tactfully and cohesively.

PUDR Condemns “Surreptitious Transfer” of Gautam Navlakha from Delhi to Mumbai Jail

Public statement by the Peoples Union of Democratic Rights (PUDR) condemning the sudden transfer of jailed activist, Gautam Navlakha, from Delhi to Mumbai on 25 May.

Coal Mining in Dehing Patkai: The ‘Amazon of the East’ Must Be Saved at...

India's National Board for Wild Life (NBWL) recently approved coal mining in an area very close to the ecologically-sensitive and biodiverse Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary in Upper Assam.

COVID-19 Crisis in India: State Must Fend for the Weakest, Without Excuses

The recent incident where 16 migrant workers were crushed under a train while walking back home shows the failure of the Indian state in easing the distress of the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 lockdown.

PUDR Demands Judicial Inquiry Over Northeast Delhi Violence

Public statement by the Delhi-based Peoples Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR).

Virus or Hate, What Kills More?

Myanmar and India throw up troubling instances of things equally, if not more, menacing as the Novel Coronavirus - hatred, discrimination and relentless wars.