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The recent leaks revealing a lewd Instagram private chatroom in Delhi reaffirm the need for more robust policies to regulate social media platforms.
The fact that LG Polymers did not have the necessary environmental clearances highlights a bigger problem.
Public statement by the Delhi-based Peoples Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR).
State governments in India have been slow in protecting the rights of prisoners during the COVID-19 outbreak.
By not acting on time, the Delhi Police flouted several legal norms and procedures during the communal violence in Northeast Delhi in February.
Recently, Uttar Pradesh police filed criminal charges against journalist Siddharth Varadarajan for allegedly misquoting the Chief Minister. Are these charges legally valid?
Can Beijing be held accountable under international law for concealing COVID-19 data and allegedly misleading the world?
What do the two recent orders ordering free COVID-19 testing at private labs mean for the Supreme Court's role?