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How Rich Countries Created Major Hurdles in the Global COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

By monopolising vaccine production patents and distribution chains, wealthy nations of the world were able to secure the bulk of global stocks, leaving poorer ones at a disadvantage.

COVID-19 Is Creating an Unending Migrant Workers’ Crisis in India. What To Do About...

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled another cycle of migrant workers' displacement in India. The state needs to develop better policies to deal with this endearing crisis.

Assam Election 2021: Why the BJP Has an Edge Over Other Parties

In the northeast Indian state of Assam, the incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party has crafted a potent, multi-dimensional formula to win this year's election.

Biden’s Latest Sanctions on Russia Reek of Caution, Not Aggression

The Biden administration recently slapped a new set of sanctions on Moscow. But their scope and strength indicate the US' quest for normalcy in the relationship.

Why China and France Are Closer Than Ever Before

Aided by historical and structural factors, Beijing and Paris have only grown more intimate in the past decade, with Mauritius as the third wheel.

Myanmar Coup: Making Sense of the Mixed International Response

The recent military coup in Myanmar has alarmed the world. But specific responses vary, and are contingent on unique geopolitical and geoeconomic dynamics.

Agents of the Centre or More? Recent Tensions Reveal the Complex Role of Governors...

In the past few years, several instances of friction between state governors and elected governments have emerged. What do they mean for this peculiar constitutional office?

As Saudi Arabia and Other Gulf Countries End Embargo With Qatar, Sticking Points Remain

The Al Ula Accord ends three years of bitter rift between Doha and its Gulf neighbours, most prominently Saudi Arabia. But Iran and Turkey could sour things in the future.

How Andhra Pradesh Is Writing a Dairy Success Story

The entry of diary giant, Amul, into Andhra Pradesh will only give a fillip to the Jagan Mohan Reddy government's plan to boost the state's rural economy through milk production.

How Successive Governments, from Congress to BJP, Ruined India’s Agrarian Economy

The massive farmers' protest that is currently underway in India is only a climactic manifestation of years of decay brought about by greater corporatisation of Indian agriculture.