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In India, Women With Disabilities Are Doubly Vulnerable to Sexual Violence and Apathy

India's disability laws are insensitive to gender, while gender laws are insensitive to disability. This puts women with disabilities at heightened risk of sexual violence and mistreatment.

How Social Media Created a Democratic Public Sphere During the COVID-19 Crisis in India

India's migrant worker crisis during the lockdown brought misery to thousands. But it also showed what social media is capable of - building inclusive networks of solidarity at a time when the State fails to act.

Can ASEAN Centrality Weather the US–China Storm?

ASEAN needs to find common ground and tell both the US and China what it wants them to do and not to do.

Predatory Journals, Pressure To Publish: Academic Research Is Getting Murkier

Predatory journals have exploited the growing pressure on academics to get themselves published in journals. Institutions of learning must step up and step in.

The Industrial Relations Code Weakens the Bargaining Power of Indian Trade Unions

In India, trade union growth and bargaining power have weakened over the last three decades in India. Certain provisions in the new industrial relations law will only worsen the situation.

Not Just Agriculture, the Farmers’ Protests in India Are Also About a Weakening Federal...

The NDA government's new agriculture laws are yet another stride towards greater centralisation of power at the union level.

Experts Weigh in on the Trump-Biden Presidential Debate

Three experts delve into issues of Supreme Court, race and election integrity that Donald Trump and Joe Biden raised during Tuesday's debate.

Podcast | What Are China’s Tibet And Xinjiang Fantasies Really About?

Angshuman Choudhury speaks to Palden Sonam Gangchenpa to find out more about what Beijing is up to in China's most sensitive autonomous regions.

Children Face Heightened Risk of Child Labour Due To COVID-19 Pandemic in India

The ongoing pandemic has exacerbated the risk of child labour for children from vulnerable sections of the population.

Podcast | Can Assamese Subnationalism Counter Hindutva Nationalism?

Angshuman Choudhury speaks to Abhinav Borbora about the complex relationship between Assamese and Hindutva nationalists.