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Why Does China Want To Join a Trans Pacific Trade Pact That Was Created...

Beijing recently expressed its willingness to join the CPTPP, an expanded version of the US-led TPP. Growing American insularity is behind this counterintuitive Chinese decision.

Online Gig Workers, Lifesavers During COVID-19 Pandemic in India, Have Precarious Lives

Online 'freelance' workers, such as those working with app-based services, kept Indian cities going during the harsh COVID-19 lockdown. But they remain vulnerable to exploitation and uncertainty.

To Create Jobs, India Needs a Comprehensive National Employment Policy

India has been clocking dismal employment growth rates since a few years now, only made wore by the COVID-19 pandemic. A multi-dimensional national policy is the need of the hour.

Podcast | How Does the World Look at Narendra Modi’s India?

Angshuman Choudhury speaks to Shubhangi Agarwalla and Prannv Dhawan about the shifting patterns in India's relationship with the outside world under the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Is India Legally Ready for Autonomous Vehicles?

Autonomous vehicles, such as self-driving cars, can throw up a whole host of complex legal issues. But current Indian laws seem unprepared to tackle them.

How the Colonial State Imposed and Sustained a Capitalist System in Southeast Cameroon

Capitalism forms a pivotal chapter in the story of colonisation of Maka-ian society in Southeastern Cameroon

Is 2016 a Prudent Choice for India’s New CPI-Industrial Workers Base Year?

The Labour Bureau's choice of a new base year, and the manner and timing of the change, raises more than one pertinent questions.

Andhra Pradesh Must Identify Local Advantages To Attract Talent and Investments

Andhra Pradesh recently signed an MoU with the Indian School of Business. This is a solid step towards building an attractive socioeconomic space, and should be emulated.

The Hindutva Thesis on Migration, and How To Challenge It Beyond the Logic of...

The Hindutva project aims to distill 'refugees' from so-called 'infiltrators' through the CAA 2019 and NRC. The resistance to that must transcend narrow parameters of belongingness.

Why Arnab Goswami’s Arrest Is Rife With Legal Inconsistencies

The Republic TV chief might not be a credible journalist. But that doesn't justify the twisted nature of his recent arrest and incarceration.