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As Saudi Arabia and Other Gulf Countries End Embargo With Qatar, Sticking Points Remain

The Al Ula Accord ends three years of bitter rift between Doha and its Gulf neighbours, most prominently Saudi Arabia. But Iran and Turkey could sour things in the future.

‘No Man’s Land’: Of Missed Opportunities and Clichéd Portrayal of Kurdish Fighters

The newly-released show misses the political core of the context in which Kurdish militias operate, and relies on trite depictions of left-wing Kurdish fighters.

What Will US Policy on Iran Look Like Under Joe Biden?

The Democratic President-elect has indicated that he will depart from Donald Trump's aggressive stance on Iran and rejoin the nuclear deal.

As Iran Moves Closer to China and Pakistan, India Struggles to Regain Ground

With Tehran signing a 25-year plan with Beijing and making overtures to Pakistan, New Delhi is trying to restore the health of its vibrant bilateral with Iran.

The Port of Beirut: Vital, Historic Centre of a Complex City

The recent mega-explosion in Beirut's port area brings back focus to one of the most pivotal parts of Lebanon's layered capital city.

As Iran Drops India from Rail Link Project, New Delhi-Tehran Relations Face Fresh Headwinds

Last month, Iran dropped India from the Chabahar-Zahedan rail link project, leaving New Delhi in a lurch during a difficult time.

The Hagia Sophia Reconversion Is a Cynical Undoing of What Turkey Used to Be

The recent reversal of Istanbul's Hagia Sofia to the status of a mosque from a museum is just the latest manifestation of Erdogan's conservative-authoritarian politics.

COVID-19 in Palestine: Living Between Hope and Fear

A deterioration of the political situation in Palestine could adversely impact the COVID-19 crisis and directly impact local civilians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

COVID-19 in the Middle East: Is This Pandemic a Health Crisis or a War?

Governments in the Middle East are deploying the language and infrastructure of war in their COVID-19 response strategies, often resulting in overreach.

COVID-19: Iran is Feeling the Heat of US Sanctions

The Iranian government is campaigning for US sanctions to be lifted immediately over the COVID-19 crisis. Some friendly countries are joining in.