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COVID-19 in Palestine: Living Between Hope and Fear

A deterioration of the political situation in Palestine could adversely impact the COVID-19 crisis and directly impact local civilians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

COVID-19 in the Middle East: Is This Pandemic a Health Crisis or a War?

Governments in the Middle East are deploying the language and infrastructure of war in their COVID-19 response strategies, often resulting in overreach.

COVID-19: Iran is Feeling the Heat of US Sanctions

The Iranian government is campaigning for US sanctions to be lifted immediately over the COVID-19 crisis. Some friendly countries are joining in.

Al Qaeda’s Resurgence in Syria: A New Caliphate?

Even as the so-called Islamic State (IS) embarks on a new phase of global expansion, as evidenced by the recent Easter attacks in Sri Lanka, its jihadist rival Al Qaeda is enjoying a resurgence in the Syrian conflict theatre.

The Islamic State ‘Caliphate’ Is off the Map for Now, but Will Evolve in...

Its defeat in Syria may now give way to new dangers.

The Islamic State’s Changing Narrative: How to Counter It

Despite losing territories, the self-styled Islamic State (IS) continues to remain resilient by reinventing its propaganda. To counter violent extremism proponents should keep themselves abreast of the IS ‘post-territorial defeat narrative’.

US Complicity in the Saudi-Led Genocide in Yemen Spans Obama, Trump Administrations

The Obama and Trump administrations have supported a military coalition that has inflicted profound and deadly damage on Yemen. A human rights scholar says the US is complicit in genocide.

Jamal Khashoggi disappearance a defining moment for Saudi Arabia’s relations with the West

UK and US relations with Saudi Arabia were already under serious scrutiny – even before the disappearance of a prominent Saudi journalist.

25 Years After the Oslo Accords, Peace Remains a Far Cry for the Middle...

In 1993 the Oslo Accords were struck in optimism, but a quarter of a century later little has changed - and there's no real prospect it ever will.