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India is well-placed to lead a collaborative geostrategic architecture in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).
New Delhi and Beijing are, once again, staring down each other along their hotly contested border, this time in Ladakh and Sikkim.
The pandemic hasn't stopped countries from deploying their militaries against each other to gain advantage.
Nepal wasn't happy when India's defence minister inaugurated a Himalayan link road that passes through the disputed Kalapani trijunction between India, Nepal and Tibet.
As the winter snow melts, the shadow of violent conflict is returning to Kashmir.
Behind the recent stories on Indian Army's 'Surgical Strike 3.0' against 'Rohingya terrorists' along the India-Myanmar border in Mizoram.
The Pakistan army continues to sell a false narrative about Kashmir to its people. India must counter that head-on.
This time, India and Pakistan have to solve the escalation crisis without American help and they must begin now.
North Korea and the US have again failed to reach an agreement – and South Korea is being left on the sidelines.
Making sense of India's ambitious air attack in deep Pakistani territory.