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The finest writings from the past year.

Myanmar’s Ruling Party Is Trying To Win the National Elections Even Before Polling Starts

With less than three weeks left for Myanmar's national elections to begin, polling has been cancelled in several ethnic areas and the country's second largest party deregistered.

The Closure of Assam’s Iconic Paper Mills Have Pushed Workers To the Brink

With the NCLT waiting to decide the fate of the two now-shuttered paper mills at Nagaon and in Cachar, workers who have been left in the lurch want the government to act.

As COVID-19 Chokes Garment Supply Chains in India, Workers Suffer

Disruptions in garment supply chains in India on account of the pandemic-induced lockdowns have seriously dented the already-dismal living and working conditions of workers.

The Monday That Shook the Indian Economy

On 31 August 2020, India woke up to the news of its biggest GDP crash ever. How did it come to this point?

Despite Bigotry and Discrimination, Sikhs Continue to Fight for Dignity in US Politics

By building across-the-board solidarities and bipartisan alliances, American Sikhs have carved out a space for themselves in US politics. But a host of key issues remain unresolved.

In Rhea Chakraborty, Misogynist India Found Thomas Hardy’s Rhoda Brook

Following the death by suicide of Bollywood actor, Sushant Singh Rajput, Indian society found the perfect scapegoat in his partner, Rhea Chakraborty.

The Myth of ‘Secular’ Anti-CAA Protests in Assam

Many have claimed that the opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 in Assam was 'secular'. This is based on a narrow understanding of Assamese politics and hegemonic social order.

The Warrior from Nyarong Is No More: An Ode to Tibet’s Rebel ‘Mother’, Ama...

Imprisoned for 27 years in a Chinese prison, Ama Adhe recently passed away in her Dharamsala home, leaving behind an entire generation of Tibetan activists whom she inspired.

From Kuhn to Foucault: Probing the Complex Relationship Between Science and Society

At a time when more and more people in positions of power are peddling pseudo-scientific narratives, it is crucial to recall the philosophical moorings of 'scientific temper'.

#BlackLivesMatter: What the French Revolution Tells Us About Destruction of Statues

Do acts of desecration convey violence alone or can they be seen as calculated political statements?